Thursday, April 28, 2011

Space, Time and Rockets (1952) part 2

This is another "cheap" post.  when I first bloggged about this book in December 2009 I did not have any interior scans. So here are some to update this post:

Randolf, Rheta and Barry, Catherine. Illustrated by Stain, Jacque. Space, Time and Rockets. New York: Paxton-Slade Publishing Co. (64 p.) 28 cm. Softcover. (1952)
The book discusses the history of rockets, travel in space, planetary astronomy, and major constellations. Also reprinted at a 20 cm. size. See also: Barry. "A Trip through Space" (1954) from the same series.

This was an activity book with scattered non-fiction articles.

The illustrations were very simple but I find this "early" space literature facinating.

The images are cut off because the spine on this book was damaged and very stiff.  I did not want to "crack" the spine completely so we have only partial images of the pages of interest.

Since I mentioned the Hayden Planetarium in a previous post about its place in the early space flight movement, I find this page to sum up its reputation very nicely.

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