Monday, April 11, 2011

In Space, Yuri Gagarin (1961)

Twas the Day before Yuri's Night and all through the blog,
We remember the human follower of Laika the dog

For children of the world recorded his feat
By pasting and gluing bits of magazines so neat

One child in his scrapbook had the article from USSR
That told of this man who traveled so far

A soviet man in space, a traveler around the Earth
For 108 minutes he circled it's girth

It was fifty long years ago that Yuri circled this place
How many children now remember his face?

It was a feat of some courage (and politics too)
To show the whole world what Russians could do

Yet twas something more, a foot in the door
If one man could go why not lots more?

Yuri's view from up there, showed us all a new place
And without that first trip would we have had Dreams of Space?

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