Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3-D Spacescapes (1964)

This is a spectacular book of punch-outs of the surfaces of other planets. It takes the space art and makes it 3-D.  Because the book itself is 15" x 10" some of the images are harder to share. Also since I did not want to assemble this beauty you can only get part of the effect.  What blows me away about this book is the impressionistic approach to showing the surface of these other planets.

As you see each page is huge with lots of images so I scanned part of the page so you can see some of the spaceflight vehicles and plans.
It is part of the Hammond "Construct-o-kit" books. Hammond was a map and atlas company that as their part of the space age created a number of spaceflight images as to be used in introductions to atlases and as maps. 
Construct-o-kit 3-D spacescapes. By Sonya Rubin Fish. C. S. Hammond, Inc. 1965-02-18 (in notice: 1964)

Other uses of the Hammond images are found in these blog posts:

Some of my favorite images include these of a moonbase and a lunar lander.

There is almost no text in this book except this information page.  Like other punch-out books this one encourages a child to imagine what the future might bring.

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