Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Illustrated Story of Space (Classics Illustrated) (1959)

This is the cover you would have found on the American edition of this comic book and this is the British cover:

I like how they chose to "flip" the image.

Classics Illustrated were comics books intended to educate as well as entertain.  They often were fictional "classic" books in comic book form such as Moby Dick. They also had a special series called "The World around Us." These were non-fiction comic books about topics of interest.

Classics Illustrated. Illustrated by McCann, Gerald, Glanzman, Sam, and Tartaglione, John. The Illustrated Story of Space. Classics Illustrated. (80 p.) 26 cm. Softcover.

Contains illustrated stories on training for space, the first rocket to the Moon, the history and use of the rocket, the launch of Vanguard 1, and the construction of a space station. "The World Around Us" (#5) January 1959.

"These are no longer the dreams of science fiction. They are part of real life."

The excitement of assembling a space station
Just page after page of excitement about what was just around the corner...

The ship they chose for the landing on the Moon seems a little odd.  Why carry a winged plane all the way to the Moon when you will leave and return to a space station?

I also love the angle they chose for this illustration. You really feel like you are climbing down to the surface.
"When you're ready to go to the planets, sir, I'll be standing by!"

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