Monday, January 10, 2011

Casper Presents Space-Age Dentistry (1972)

Happy New Year!  this post is a follow-up of sorts to my post on December 13 about the Casper Apollo 16 poster

I am always interested in the stories behind my books and ephemera so I have been looking for more about Casper and Apollo 16. I found this 1972 promotional comic about dentistry, Apollo, and Casper!

The comic has a number of space references in the background, although unfortunately no image from my poster.

I have some scans of selected pages from the comic that reference space flight and Apollo.  It never says Apollo 16 in the comic but from the date of the comic this must have been a quick promotional item printed to take advantage of the connection.
I continue to be fascinated by how space flight ideas were imbedded in popular culture. If you notice the ubiquitous Apollo mission poster and model behind the children in the dentist's office.  This diagram needed no explanation as a summary of how we got to the Moon. 

If it wasn't for the poster I found I would never have known about this connection between a cartoon ghost and one of our great adventures of the 20th century. I also might have missed learning about "Space-age dentistry."

I would have never even bothered to look for this piece of popular culture.  It really places this comic squarely in the 1970s when the last line of the comic is "Right on!"

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