Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Space Puzzle (1970?)

Yes I do seem to have fallen off the face of the planet. But really it was vacation and other deadlines that left my blog dead in the water. Fear not I still have lots of stuff to show.
Today is a first for Dreams of Space, an actual toy! I have no idea of the actual date of this puzzle but as you can see it has some great images. I recall a lot of these very simple puzzle from my childhood. they usually had a theme like a farm or a school so I was thrilled to find this one. Its theme seems to be a landing on the Moon and collection of samples (although I am not sure what Saturn has to do with it).
The reason I think it is around 1970 or so is the image of the lander. It looks vaguely like a UFO but somehow has a 1970s style to my eyes.
My favorite puzzle piece is probably the space dog. I love the images of space suits for dogs and cats and wonder why the image of taking pets into space went away so completely. It could be because spaceflight is so difficult but space seemed friendlier with "Fido".

The large launch vehicle is also very impressive. It looks like a stylized Saturn V but sort of soft and friendly.

Finally a generic space ship. It looks more like the Jetson's than something from the space program but it seems the space age still needs "jet cars."

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