Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Exploring Space (1958)

Rockets away!!

Today's treasure is "A Little Golden Book". These little books were everywhere when I was growing up. They were sold in supermarkets and bookstores all over so it was easy to talk Mom into picking one up.

"Little Golden Book" (#342).

Wyler, Rose. Illustrated by Gergely, Tibor and Solenewitsch, George. Exploring Space : A True Story of the Rockets of Today and a Glimpse of the Rockets That Are to Come. New York: Simon and Schuster. (24 p.) 21 cm.

This may be one of the most remembered of children's space travel books because so many children owned it.

It covers the basics of rocket propulsion and then summarizes the current state of research up through the 1958 launch of Laika, the space dog.

From 2009 it is fascinating to see what they thought a landing on the moon would look like from the perspective of 51 years earlier.

I also wished that I had lived to see a rocket port, when "Rockets will be as common as airplanes are now."

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