Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eagle Book of Rockets and Space Travel (1961)

Taylor, John W.R. and Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by Sentovic, J. Eagle Book of Rockets and Space Travel. London : Longacre Press. (192 p.) 27 cm. Cloth, DJ.

This is a wonderful British book outlining whatever every child needed to know about the space age. Eagle magazine was a mainstay of many British children. To broaden their market they issued annuals and various "branded" products.

So there is the "Eagle Book of..." for a variety of subjects.

A lot interesting factual pages. Covers all aspects of space travel, from the history of space to rocket models to future Moon landing plans and interplanetary travel. Interesting for its British perspective on space travel and rocket research.


  1. Say, does Dan Dare put in an appearance here?

  2. No Dan Dare I am sorry. This is pure non-fiction about space flight. Dan Dare does appear in some of the Eagle Annuals which had some non-fiction articles in them. I will blog about those soon. John

  3. Thanks! I suppose not even Dan Dare can be everywhere.