Friday, March 17, 2023

Gumby and Pokey Coloring Book (1966)


Since part of this blog is reliving the joys of my childhood I need to talk about Gumby and Pokey. Gumby was a television show for children that ran (at least for me) from 1953-1969. It was stop-motion animated adventures of two figures made of "clay." It was a highlight of my youth because of its emphasis on imagination. There would be all kinds of adventures but my favorite were when they would go inside books to experience the books adventures. I was an early and avid reader so this was an exciting idea to me. So when Gumby and Pokey had space flight adventures I was captivated. So these drawings from the coloring book are pretty primitive but still bring back some great memories.

Gumby on the Moon -

Gumby-Moon Trip (1956)-

Gumby and Pokey Coloring Book (Whitman #1141). Drawings by Ben Greenberg. Whitman Press. 1966.

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