Friday, April 23, 2021

Reader's Digest New Reading Skill Builder (1966)


Reader's Digest created a series of reading books for elementary school children adapting various stories and illustrating them. This one features a story of the far future, 1999!.  I like the illustrated cover painting by Fred Freeman and the "exciting" story about how you could imagine this far future when you grow up.

The key to the cover illustration

Space craft seem to be common
Color television big screens for everyone and ready to eat food that tastes like candy
Moving sidewalks
Picture phones, rocket belts, flying boats or maybe a short flight to the Moon?

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  1. Arthur C Clarke's "So You're Going to Mars" was adapted for one of these in about 1965/66 - I read it when I was in Grade 4 or 6 (I had the same elementary school teacher both years, so the memories blur somewhat) and it has stuck with me ever since. The illustrations were quite evocative.