Friday, January 22, 2021

Astronautics (1968)


Astronautics is one of a series of school textbooks from the "Follett Beginning Science" series. The art is simple and beautiful. It also depicts a lunar landing using a very different vehicle. I hope 2021 is treating you well.

May, Julian. Illustrated by Barss, Bill. Astronautics. Chicago: Follett Publishing Co. (28 p.) 1968.

Representation matters! This should not have been such a rare illustration.


  1. I’m both surprised and not surprised that a book published as late as 1968 would be over ten years behind depicting the technology that was being used at that time. I suppose it may have been a long road to print and well kids won’t notice. Nope you bet space age kids would difference. The illustrations are great regardless and I was thrilled to see a black astronaut depicted in an illustration.

  2. I wandered down here into the comments section to say essentially the same thing. I believe that lander concept dates back to 1959. I'm guessing other children's books of 1968 would have had something much closer to the final LEM configuration.