Friday, September 25, 2020

Hour of Space (1962)

This book is a soviet history of spaceflight and text heavy. what is notable about it are the color plates and some of the chapter header illustrations. I have many of these books so it is a treat to find something new to share. This is probably an adult popular book rather than a children's book and the art medium might be?

Vladimir Lvov. Illustrated by V. Noskov. Hour of Space. Moscow: Publishing House of the Central Committee if the Komsomol. 206 p. 20 cm. 1962.


  1. Lovely book. The illustrations could have been scratchboard, of course, but they sure look like old school woodcuts.

  2. I was thinking the same thing....linoeum or woodcuts most likely. I really like the idea of a very ancient technique being used to illustrator something so forward-thinking!

  3. I will admit that linoleum seems more likely.