Monday, July 20, 2020

Man on the Moon : Our Future in Space (1961)

Happy Moon Landing day! We landed on the Moon 51 years ago today. From 1961 that event seemed far away and what the ships we would use and techniques were still obscure. I enjoy this book for one of the many visions of what it "might" be like.

Throneburg, James. Illustrated by Plasencia, Peter. Man on the Moon: Our Future in Space. New York: Alfred A Knopf. (63 p.) 1961.

 The space suit and rocket designs seem very different from what we see in these books just a year or two later.

 An important question: "Why then would anyone want to go to the moon?
 Still in the era of multi-person "expeditions to the moon.

 Such a roomy ship, with enough headroom for a child to stow away in the rafters :)

Still a moment that I am amazed I got to see.

We didn't get around to a lot of exploring but we did "get many handfuls of the moon and take them back to the scientists on earth."

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