Friday, May 10, 2019

il nostro Amico Satellite (1963)

Il nostro Amico Satellite translates roughly as Our Friend Satellite. I have been trying to discover new children's books and have found a few in Italian. The painted illustrations are charming and it reuses a number of illustrations from the Collier's series (I haven't included those today.)

Martina, Guido. Il nostro Amico Satellite (3rd edition). Milano : Mondadori. (157 p.) 29 cm. 1963.

 It covers the history of rockets and of training astronauts for space.
 Early rocket plane tests
 German V-2 Base
 Vanguard 1
 Russian probe around the moon

 1st man-made object to land (crash) on the moon.

The future in space.


  1. An interesting read as ever John, Ive just picked up a small booklet which shows the same space station on the cover, but from another angle. I wonder if its a model ?
    cheers, Bill

  2. The illustration for 'Russian Probe Around the Moon' is in fact Pioneer 4, a U.S space probe