Friday, September 7, 2018

Build Your Own Moon Settlement (1973)

Yeah September is here, which means I am off the web for a while so I wanted to leave you with a "juicy" post.  This is an amazing book called "Build Your Own Moon Settlement." It is both a craft book and a space architecture book.  

Written by a real architect it is not an "adult" book but seems more directed to older children and curious/crafty adults. It is hard to find and I have never had the nerve to actually build the Moon settlement.  Basically the last few pages of the book is the punch-outs that you can fold into various structures. 

Wilson, Forrest. Build Your Own Moon Settlement. New York: Pantheon Books. (32 p.) 21 x 28 cm. Softcover. 1973

With very limited "space art" this book is a craft book that allows you to build cardboard models of some of the major modules a Moon settlement would need. Written by an architect, its 27 pages of text outline his ideas for how a colony would work. A unique book, characteristic of this post-Moon landing period. 

I don't have a lot to add right now, I just really enjoy his line drawings of the moon buildings and their intended functions. I hope you enjoy them too.


  1. I had this book and it remains an inspiration to me. Books like this were one of the reasons I started designing my own card models when I was a kid, a hobby I still do today (and a continued source of some freelance income too!) Some years ago, I tried to market a series of simple, modular paper models that would make a "moon base" and seeing this model once again I'm surprised how much I must have been influenced by this book because the designs I came up with are surprisingly similar to the designs in this book. Fascinating!

  2. I also had this book as a child, and I still think about it as people have started to talk about returning to the moon.