Friday, June 8, 2018

Rockets and Missiles (1962)

Parker, Bertha Morris. Illustrated by Teason, James. Satellites and Space Travel.  New York: Row, Peterson, and Co. / London : Wheaton. (36 p.) 22 cm. Cloth, DJ.

Text focuses on the basic facts of space flight known up to the time.  Discusses the basic components needed for space flight and projected future space craft and landings on the Moon and space stations.  Also found in softcover. 

 The book lives up to it's title, it is about missiles and rocket. How they work, what were some of the current ones, and just a little about how people were beginning to travel in them.

 I like the color painted illustrations

😇 Back in the 1960s it was necessary to destroy the moon since it was getting in our way 😲

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  1. Silly person, Lunik was meant to impact on the Moon, before people were interested in landing there and exploring.