Friday, April 27, 2018

Americans in Space (1966)

Olney, Ross. Americans in Space : Five years of manned space travel. Camden, NJ : Nelson. (123 p.) 23 cm. Cloth, DJ. 1966

Mostly illustrated with B&W drawings and photographs.  A basic history of  American spaceflight  May 5, 1961 until 1966. Mostly historical but the last chapter project the future moon-landing and solar system exploration. Also 1970 edition.

Here are a few of the "futuristic" illustrations of interest.

 The book ends with the future plans for after the moon landing:
Don't you wish we had VEMs and MEMs?


  1. This book was (is?) in my high school’s library. I checked it out a bunch of times. Your 1966 date might be wrong:this copy had missions through Apollo 13.

    1. There was also a 1970 edition. That may be the one you remember.

  2. If you recall the ‘Pilgrim Observer’
    http: // ninfinger. org/ models/ kitplans/ mpc9001.html
    - you'll see in that ‘supplemental booklet’ what G Harry Stine was thinking of doing back in 1970, for that 1979 ‘slingshot’ mission.

    http : // www. ninfinger. org/ models/ kitplans/ mpc9001-booklet. pdf