Friday, February 16, 2018

Summer Edition: My Weekly Reader July 13 (1964)

Once again I dig up an old Weekly Reader for your pleasure. This is the Summer Edition "D" from July 13, 1964.

Even though My Weekly Reader was normally handed out in school you could subscribe to a summer subscription so you would get mail over the summer. I think "D" edition was for 4th graders. The issues were much lighter in news and content but always good for a few minutes of entertainment.

 So here we had a crossword puzzle where you had to identify the objects and fill up the puzzle. I have started it for you :) so it shouldn't be too hard.

If you are still having trouble, here are the answers:

There was also a little "space news" in the issue in the form of another puzzle:

Hope you enjoyed this little treat.


  1. I really liked these. A subscription for 10 summer issues in 1967 was 50 cents! I was going thru some old papers and found one from Aug.9,1967! I would always get the next grade up and this is the "Senior Edition." 6th grade. It was exciting getting my special newspaper in the mail. Summers were great back then. Instead of being on line we would be hiking and playing in the woods,swimming, looking for empty bottles for the deposit and then getting a popsicle. Even as bad as it sounds, garbage day picking. We would go thru garbage cans and find treaures! Best I did was finding a stack of Hot Rod magazines. Once we found a package of unopened Baby Ruth bars and we are them.LOL! They were still very good! Good memories and the Summer Weekly Reader was one of them.