Friday, November 10, 2017

Punch-Out Satellite Rocket Launcher (1959)

A very beautiful (and rare) punch-out book.

Punch-Out Satellite Rocket Launcher. New York: Dell Publishing, Co. 6 pp. 32 x 19 cm. 1959. A Dell Children's Book #149.

 What seems most amazing to me (beside the great cover art) is that you are able to construct this cardboard rocket to launch!

 Punch-out books are hard to show off but here are a few of the charming features.

 First of course is the satellite. It's a monkey in a capsule.
 Then there is the military man directing the fueling crew, including Mario (who somehow snuck into the book.)
 The workers who built the rocket and do the final preparation and the fuel tanker.
Here are the actual punch-out pages:


  1. This is great, I'm going to try to actually print it out and put it together. Thanks!