Friday, October 6, 2017

Mercury Program Trading Card Vending Machine poster (1963)

A poster of Mercury astronauts from 1963 with a good story. I came across this poster and started to research where it came from.  It turns out it was an advertising poster from a trading card vending machine.  Here is the listing and photographs from an auction of it.

 "Mercury program-era Astronauts and Spacecraft trading card vending machine, 10 x 23.5 x 11.5, manufactured by The Exhibit Supply, Co., of Chicago, Illinois.

For a charge of two cents, the "'Compact' Mechanical Vacuumatic Card Vender" sold 32-card packs that commemorated the achievements of the six pilots of the Mercury program. The machine face is detached but present, and consists of a functional spring lever, coin slot, card dispensing space at bottom.

The  poster lists the names of the six pilots and images of the moon, a launching Saturn rocket with tower, and Friendship 7 Pilot John Glenn smiling in his flight suit and helmet. 

I hope you enjoy this nice piece of ephemera.

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