Friday, October 6, 2017

Mercury Program Trading Card Vending Machine poster (1963)

A poster of Mercury astronauts from 1963 with a good story. I came across this poster and started to research where it came from.  It turns out it was an advertising poster from a trading card vending machine.  Here is the listing and photographs from an auction of it.

 "Mercury program-era Astronauts and Spacecraft trading card vending machine, 10 x 23.5 x 11.5, manufactured by The Exhibit Supply, Co., of Chicago, Illinois.

For a charge of two cents, the "'Compact' Mechanical Vacuumatic Card Vender" sold 32-card packs that commemorated the achievements of the six pilots of the Mercury program. The machine face is detached but present, and consists of a functional spring lever, coin slot, card dispensing space at bottom.

The  poster lists the names of the six pilots and images of the moon, a launching Saturn rocket with tower, and Friendship 7 Pilot John Glenn smiling in his flight suit and helmet. 

I hope you enjoy this nice piece of ephemera.

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  1. Been looking for one of these sell sheets. I can get a vending machine for a pretty good price and have the complete set of 32 cards. Want to complete my display. If you have access to one of these sheets, would love to know how to get one! Great post!