Friday, July 7, 2017

We Land On The Moon Coloring Book (Based on NASA'a Project Apollo): Exploration of the Moon (1969)

We Land on the Moon Coloring Book Based on NASA's Project Apollo : Exploration of the Moon. [Happiness Coloring Book Series] Solar Communications, Inc 1969. 114 pp. #1053

This is the best of the books for great futuristic illustrations of Moon exploration. They chose many of the possible vehicles and habitats.

The vehicle is familiar but I enjoy the moon backdrop.

The planned city seems rather generic rather than moon-based (pun intended)
I do wonder about the underwater laboratory in the moon crater lake. It seems like a lot of water to get to the moon but it would be a shield.  It also might be copied from very different futuristic illustrations. But heck anything to get dolphins on the moon!

I don't remember seeing this concept before, using the command module as a base for surveying instruments.
I also enjoy the "square" space station.

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  1. These illustrations are wonderful! I'm a little put off with the idea of a nuclear device under the surface of the moon but many of these illustrations offer a glimpse of what we imagined could happen in the near future if NASA and the US government had continued the moon program. Thank you for sharing these.