Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy"blogiversary" to me!

This is beginning my 8th year of blogging about these space books. In the next month or 2 (according to Blogger stats) I will be up to 1 million pageviews! Currently I am at around 980,000 but usually get around 15-20 thousand pageviews per month. 

Google Analytics may be more realistic (currently 
186,836 users have had 507,322 pageviews) so I just missed celebrating the 500,000 mark 😎

I will be sharing some "Disney in space" stuff this month to celebrate.

Thanks for the comments and the continued interest. I am really happy to know there are others out there who find this stuff amazing. 


  1. Congratulations, John!
    /A fan of your blog

  2. Happy B-day. I love your collection of activity books. I loved these as a girl. Thank you for all your work to present these treasures.