Friday, August 26, 2016

In The Sky Tomorrow (1964)

In the sky tomorrow. KA Gilzin. 1964. 224p. 22 cm.

A Russian book about the future of transportation. So very interesting space flight illustrations and a lot of great futuristic vehicles.

 These look like illustrations of an ion propulsion engine. 
 A nuclear bomb driven ship? 
 A nice supersonic transport. SST anyone?

 I like these rocket-hybrid vehicles.  Different ways of envisioning how rockets might change the way we travel.

 Yes I do want a flying car.  It really would change all those Sierra Club camping trips we are going on!

 Heck, why a flying car when I could get a flying saucer?

 A nice illustration of solar sailing.

 Ion and nuclear powered space craft.

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  1. the story about aviation, rocketry and astronautics, their present and future. pictures taken from various technical magazines