Friday, July 8, 2016

Operation Watchdog (1956)

The "Colby" books used typical publicity photographs to accompany text about various activities in the U.S. (I am guessing with an eye toward mechanically inclined boys). This one focused primarily on U.S. Continental Air Defense but as you can see from the back cover the series covered many other topics.

Colby, C B. Operation Watchdog: Rockets, Guided Missiles, Aircraft, and radar of our defenses. New York : Coward-McCann. (48 p.) 28 cm.

I find it interesting as an artifact of the center of the Cold war. this introduction from Mr. Colby is very specific about the threats of the "other side."

 This last item "Frightening Forerunner" is the only one that alludes to the future of intercontinental nuclear exchanges.

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