Friday, March 25, 2016

Rockets and Missiles (1970)

This is somewhere between a book and a piece of ephemera.  Something (more) popular in Britain was "trainspotting" books. These are books that listed categories of technical objects that young people could look though endlessly to learn what vehicles were (think of it as a book of pictures of space trucks). In addition to the pictures the technical information on weight, size, etc. were an important part.

This one was a 3 " x 5 1/4" booklet that folded out into a  5 1/4"" x 31" double sided sheet of pictures.

Rockets and Missiles. (Original Publisher: [London?] : Shelley Graphics (U.K.)), 1970. "Flipout Books" Published in the U.S. by the Educational Reading Service (Mahwah, New Jersey), a publisher of school materials.
What I enjoy is the detailed space paintings in this totally ephemeral piece of literature.  Some artist had to execute some very nice paintings.

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  1. The art style and info given is reminiscent of the collector cards one used to get with boxes of tea, etc.