Friday, June 12, 2015

The Moon (1966)

The Moon is part of the Follett Beginning Science book series. This was intended  as a school reader to get young students interested in science topics. Although it has basic text some of the painted illustrations are very beautiful.

Asimov, Isaac. Illustrated by Ebel, Alex. The Moon. Chicago: Follett Publishing Co.(32 p.) 21 cm. "Follett Beginning Science Book" series.

 It has just a couple of illustrations of the Moon and manned missions on the Moon's surface but what is there is very memorable.

For example this double page spread illustration deserves to have some the the details in it highlighted:

 This illustration is subtly ridiculous, however I would have loved to see an Apollo astronaut do the same feat.
 I am fascinated that this lunar lander is a much more British Interplanetary Society design than anything we usually see in American books.

I also enjoy the "mood" the artist brought to this image of day and night temperatures on the Moon.

Finally both of these images depict a future with equipment that never made it from the "dream" technology of some aerospace engineers.

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