Monday, February 16, 2015

Russian Children's Magazine: Komsomol " Veselye Kartinki " (1964)

This the April 1964 (no. 4) issue of children's comic magazine Komsomol " Veselye Kartinki ."
Because it was a space "special issue" I would like to share many of the illustrations from this.

In case my translation of the title is off here is the information I have:

Детский юмористический журнал ЦК ВЛКСМ " Веселые Картинки", nr. 4 , Апрель 1964, Москва.

I could not resist getting this as a sample of how Russian children were viewing "their" space age.

These look very much like the drawings that would appear in the American children's magazine "Jack and Jill." I think those are names and ages with each picture.

I liked this Russian nesting doll, it is very clever:

There were also various comic strips in here. This one I excerpted just the opening panels and the final one. It concerns a girl who is told that "girls can't be cosmonauts". (I know I am interpreting.)

More from this magazine in my next post, with an entire comic strip!

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