Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Andy Astronaut (1968)

A really big book for today...

I have so many favorites but here is a special one I have not shared before. Back when I got this book I did not have access to a large bed scanner and this book really deserves not to be broken up. It is 16 inches, 1 1/3 ft. tall! And many of the illustrations are double-page.

Davis, Daphne. Illustrated by Pineo, Craig. Andy Astronaut. New York: Golden Press. (22 p.) 41 x 17 cm. 1968.

This book concerns astronaut training, his launch, flight into space, space walk and splashdown.  A bright and beautiful book. Binding is found with blue or red spine. Nice illustrations of space suit, rocket launch, splashdown. Also found with 10" 33 1/3 photograph record of text for classroom use. "Busy People" series.

Each image reinforces the stereotype of the "perfect astronaut."

It is unusual in showing what is basically a Mercury mission (being as it is published in 1968). It does include a nice spacewalk.

I also like the smile on his face as he goes about his business.

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  1. Wow!I really LOVE this book!and your Blog!I'm come from China.have a nice day!