Monday, April 21, 2014

TV Space Riders Coloring Book (1952)

Some cool old 50's images today. I notice how similar they seem to the Soviet ones of the same time period. Especially helicopters in space.

These are all rather traditional, drawing their spacesuits from the space television shows.

Both of these seem a little odd since I "read" the location as on the Moon (those jagged mountains). why did helicopters seem to "say" space age to artists who were trying to draw futuristic vistas?

This illustration is just wrong.  Why do the children get (or need) space suits while the poor dog has to suck vacuum? There is also the small problem in how that ship behind them is going to take off. Maybe it was a one way trip.

And finally some cool spaceships/jets. I love like many of you all the different vehicles that people designed or just thought up when they were trying to show space flight.

A last note. Compare the cover of this coloring book to the boy and ship shown on this one:

Maybe a little recycling went on at that company.

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