Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space (1952)

The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space is pop-up book in the Jolly Jump-ups series. The books are about the adventures of children as they explore the world.

The Jump-Up family appeared in a series of popular books detailing its adventures, which ranged from exploring a new house and neighborhood to crossing America in a trailer. In this story, the family ventures into space, visiting other planets and encountering friendly aliens.

Geraldine Clyne. The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space. Springfield, MA:  McLoughlin Bros. 1952

I don't have any other pictures to share right now of my copy, but I did find this youtube video from the  Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum who shared their copy.


  1. WOW! That's a thing of beauty! Thanks for sharing that Youtube video. It's a really gorgeous book!

  2. Jolly Jump-ups!!! This is what i have been looking for, for the kids! Got this! Love this.