Thursday, February 6, 2014

As We Were Flying on a Rocket Story -part 2 (1961)

Too much to show in one post, here are the further adventures of our Soviet toy astronauts. For the previous post see here:

 I think this was their exploration of Venus. It is the only explanation I have for the ocean and the attack by the giant crab!

They also had some other adventures, but I will have to guess where.

 The Asteroids?

Interplanetary space?

 Finally they turned around and headed for home.

 Home can be a strange place too, as they examine a sleeping child through the excellent soviet spy satellite system.
And what would a return to Earth be without a triumphant parade? Well if you are as small as our explorers, maybe just up to the roof for some fireworks instead.

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  1. This is absolutely delightful! Thank you for sharing this book.