Friday, May 31, 2013

Moon Money (1969)

Not sure how to describe this except as ephemera/toy.  Play money is a pretty cool toy at times and this was issued in 1969 as a souvenir of the landing on the Moon.  I was lucky enough to have a friend give me this package of "Moon Money" when he was cleaning house.  Not rare but really fun to look at.

 Copyright 1969 by "Texantics Unlimited, 2120 McKinney, Houston, U.S.A."
 There is a lot of information and symbols crammed into each side of the bill:
-Unified Space over America
-signed by Victor E. O'Greencheez, Asseyer of Moondust and Philthy Luke R. Kaiser, Projector of Moonbeams
-This note signifies that NASA's saga of success has a space era effect of unifying all mankind.
-This commemorative currency honors the amazing space flight and walk on the moon by Apollo 11 astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, July 16-20-24, 1969
-Moondust certificate
-Moon Dublunars
-Apollo Eleven, A 100, NASA Bank this with Tranquility, Space City USA
-Dedicated to all Apollo crewmen
-Apollo Series M
-N X D MOON PDQ 4 B 9 V D 0 (Annex the moon  pretty damn quick for benign video?)
-N R G 2 XL R 8 (energy to accelerate)
-E Z 4 U 2 XL B A MOONMAN (easy for you to excel, be a moonman)
-the engraving has Saturns 5s, Apollo capsules, and the Command module/Lunar module


On the reverse side we see:
-Unified Space Over America
 -Saturn 5 Blast-off /Columbia-Eagle (above and below the left picture) The sign next to the rocket says "Translunar Skyway 1."
-The center picture is the path to the Moon plus tiny icons for the stages of the mission
-One small step for a man/ One giant leap for mankind (above and below right picture).
-Engraving has 1st step on the moon in a crescent moon
-This currency may be exchanged at Bank of Tranquility for Moon Mad-money, Astro Dough, Lunar Lucre, Solar Simoleons, Cosmic Coin, Moon Mazuma, Celestial Cash, Laser Loot, Green(Cheese) Backs, Satellite Shillings, Blast-off Bucks, or all the moonrocks you can carry on your first lunar sojourn.


  1. Hi
    Do you know where I can purchase a package of moon money? I'm an artist and would love to use it in a piece I am working on.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide

    1. I can send a scan of the bill, send me an email to select the topic "MOONDUST CERTIFICATE". The denomination was issued in honor of the launch station "Apollo 11" and was issued as a souvenir employees Roscosmos.

  2. Как я могу продать эти деньги, есть 2 пачки.