Thursday, August 2, 2012

Man on the Moon : Our future in space (1961)

I have a lot of older scans where I had scanned just the cover (back in the dark ages I didn't have access to the memory to store a lot of pages).  Here is another example where the cover is great and I remember the interior was too.  So until I can excavate it from the deep storage you will have to be satisfied with this "teaser".

Throneburg, James. Illustrated by Plasencia, Peter. Man on the Moon: Our Future in Space. New York: Alfred A Knopf. (63 p.) 22 cm. (1961)

An excellent early book about a manned voyage to the Moon. It discusses the history of study of the Moon, what current theories about it are and why we must explore the Moon. It lays out the steps building up to a manned trip and then discusses an imaginary voyage from take-off  (in your 6-man ship) to touchdown. Illustrations of rockets, astronauts, a lunar lander, and a Moon base.

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