Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Space (1983)

Having trouble with motivation to get new stuff scanned in so instead here is something "out of scope". Usually I concentrate on books 1945-1975, but when I find something that has the right feel I want to include it.

This is a 1983 book in Hebrew that contains drawings to "colour, cut-out, and play with." It was made in Israel by Buki Toys Ltd. The book is actually a tablet of line drawings on cardbord and the book cover is actually a sheath that the "pad" fits in. There are 12 pages (one sided)

I like the mixture of fantasy and reality.

 The first looks like a starship to me
 The second a stylized capsule
 A lunar rover
A space walk


A multi-stage rocket

 A "what do I know?"

A satellite dish

Collecting samples

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  1. The Hebrew is kind of weird. It has the feeling of being translated. I wonder what the original language was.