Monday, June 21, 2010

Out of this World (1953)

Out of this world for next few weeks! I will be away from my computer for the next couple of weeks so this will have to hold you until July.
Thompson, Jeff. Out of This World: An Activity Book based on Space Travel. New York: Hart Publications. (160 p.) 27 cm.

Out of this world is a play activity book with games, jokes, comics etc. It also includes essays (1-5 pages in length) and illustrations about the solar system, space stations, space suits and the history of the rocket.
Some content and illustrations were reused in a later play activity book: Simmons. Planets and Space Travel (1958,1962).

I wonder what it was about 1953 that produced so many cool space books?

Part of me suspects that in 1952 the Collier's series promoted enough space art to appear in other magazines and newspapers and the children's television space boom led to a demanded for something space-related that bookstores could sell for children. So lots of stuff appeared in 1953.
Hope you get to hike on the Moon this summer!

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  1. Whatever it was about 1953, it was also reflected in science-fiction publishing: More Than Human, The Demolished Man, Childhood's End, The Space Merchants, Fahrenheit 451, and The Foundation Trilogy all appeared that miraculous year.

    A lunar hike this summer seems unlikely, but if anyone can lend me their time machine, I'd certainly enjoy a brief excursion to 1953!

    -- Michael S.