Monday, February 22, 2010

Journey into Cosmos (1958)

M. Vasiljev. Journey into Cosmos. Illustrations by A.S. Sysoyev (B&W in text), N.V. Shchelznyaka and N.M. Kolchitskogo (colored paintings).

The title has also been translated as "Travel to Space".

The space race gave free rein to all those wild plans for conquering the solar system. The illustrations during this time show an amazing mix of factual and fantasy. Every idea seemed possible now that rockets had actually proven their worth,

Specifically going to the Moon was just the beginning of the journey. The books really jumped from "maybe" we will go to space someday to "this is your future."

I especially like this vision of the ultimate rocket motor. Bigger and better means we can go anywhere we want.

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  1. Beautiful, lovely, and gorgeous! (Not necessarily in that order.)

    -- Michael S.