Thursday, December 8, 2016

Colonel John Glenn...A man in orbit (1963)

This is a posting of mine from Jan 29th, 2010.  Just heard that Col. John Glenn has died and wanted to remember him by bringing this book up to you all. 

RIP The First American to orbit the earth!

--------------------------------------------- Space art is really of two styles. There are images of spaceships and other views that no one has ever seen. Often the artist uses some scientific basis but uses imagination from there. The second kind is art based on real space events. It can range from realistic to impressionistic but it starts with a real object. In the early 1960s artist now had real spaceships to draw.
This book was a classroom text. One of those "interesting reading" books that was used to supplement the curriculum. (And NO my copy is not autographed, they all have a printed signature on the cover!)
Taylor, Frieda and Howard, Ethel K. Illustrated by Oliver, Martha. John Glenn : A Man in Orbit. Cleveland, OH : Educational Research Council of Greater Cleveland. (34 p.) 22 cm. 

A school reader for grades 1-3 describing John Glenn’s flight.  Adapted by Frieda Taylor from a story by Ethel Howard. Part of GCSSP (Greater Cleveland Social Science Program) "Initial Teaching Alphabet" series. Also 1968 edition by Educational Research Council of America.

Other books that might bring back memories"

From 1963 and 1964: 

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  1. I, too, have a copy of this great little book that my mother bought at a book sale years ago.