Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is a Rocket? (1961 UK edition)

Enough of the satellites let's look at some rockets! In the spirit of my last few posts, here are a series of posts about rockets. If you have ever seen a rocket launch you know how special it is. Unlike flying, which you can imagine, a rocket rises straight up. It goes up, against your intuition that every thing must go down. Watching a big rocket, like a shuttle launch, is almost a magic trick, that something so huge could rise up. So bring on the rockets.

Munch, Theodore W. Illustrated by Tiedemann, Berthold. What is a Rocket? Chicago : Benefic Press / London : Collins. (48 p.) 21 cm. Cloth, DJ.

US and UK reprint. "What is it… series". See 1959 US 1st edition.

What makes this book special is the cover. In the US the cover was very generic like this:

A very basic book found in a lot of classrooms.

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